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As a member in good standing of the Independent Insurance Agents and  Brokers of America, Inc. [IIABA] the Seibt Insurance Agency follows the guidelines provided by the IIABA's Privacy Policy.

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"The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (including Big “I” Advantage, Inc.;IIAA Agency Administrative Services, Inc.; IIAA Membership Services, Inc.;
 Trusted Choice®, Inc.; and the IIAA Educational Foundation) (collectively “IIABA”) respect the privacy rights of individuals who visit and use (“Users”) this Web site (“Site”).
 Information may be collected from Users during their visits to this Site in order to allow IIABA to provide better service.  IIABA is concerned about treating this information with care, so it has implemented the Policy below. 
Aggregate Information:  IIABA collects information that is not personal information about Users to measure traffic on the Site.  This information is collected automatically on an aggregate basis (“Aggregate Information”) through the use of a “cookie” or small text file placed on the User’s hard drive by the User’s Internet browser.  The cookie allows IIABA to track the number of hits or visits to various pages on the Site.  The cookie is used only during a single connection to the Site, and is not used to track User activity after leaving the Site.  The cookie is permanently disabled when the User exits the Site, and information about individual Users is not collected, saved or distributed to others by IIABA except as provided for in this Policy.  Aggregate Information helps IIABA understand Users’ needs, improve the Site, and demonstrate to others the volume and nature of Site traffic.  Aggregate Information may be shared with third parties as described in the section called “Information Provided to Third Parties” below".
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